COVID-19 Policy

Crosspointe Recovery cares immensely about the health, wellness, and safety of our clients, staff, and visitors. While it is an unprecedented time, we need to keep our doors open to those suffering from addiction and mental health. Especially during this year, we believe that this is absolutely necessary and will continue to be available to those seeking help.

We are taking many extra precautions to ensure our clients and staff’s safety. We continuously monitor the CDC guidelines, and each staff member has been trained on signs and symptoms of possible COVID-19. 

How Crosspointe Recovery is
Prioritizing Safety

Our on-site procedures are designed to ensure the best care possible, and  a safe and healthy recovery process. 

  • Before any new client enters the facility, we ask a long list of questions about their health and monitor for any signs of symptoms (like coughing) over the phone.
  • When new clients arrive, we have a professional come on-site to do COVID testing and monitor the client in isolation if temperature is out of range.
  • Constant surface cleaning and sanitization of common areas.
  • All staff will receive information and training on COVID-19 as well as preventative and containment measures.

In addition, in compliance with Guidelines promulgated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the California Department of Health, all patients being Treated at Crosspointe Recovery shall be subject to the following medical protocols, and shall strictly comply with them:

  • If any client is found with a high temperature or exhibit any signs of being sick, they will be placed in isolation until symptoms subside and a negative test comes back.
  • Clients will have their temperature and symptoms monitored at least three times a day. 

We Work With Most Major Insurance Providers

Crosspointe Recovery works with most major insurance carriers who provider out-of-network benefits to help cover the cost of treatment at our facility. To find out if we work with your insurance, click the button below to begin the process.

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